We are focused to provide the best solutions to our client’s requests. We are committed to deliver every service with quality, speed and precision, to meet expectations, and satisfaction of our clients and partners. In partnership with CARGOTRACKERS located Greece, with warehouses in two main cities, Athens and Thessaloniki, and a very qualified staff we make possible the collection and organization of the cargos to Albania from every corner of Greece, managing to organize up to 4-5 groupages every week and also full truckloads according to the demand and the need of our .


Road Transport
From all over Europe, we offer groupage and Full Truck Loads, in partnership with most prominent carriers with high security and credibility.
In order to become more assistant and more efficient for our client we also provide consultancy and customs service in our ‘Zoto Trans’ agency located near the Tirana Custom, in Vora and in every border crossing of Albania. Possessing Customs Insurance we make possible the conduction of every kind of customs transit and a temporary regime. 


Sea Transportation  We provide full container loads and less container loads, from and to every harbor in a part of the world, offering also the best solutions with the most competitive prices.


Air transportation  Being aware that our clients chose Air Transportation as a faster way of transport we also offer Air Transportation in order to meet every client’s request and need. For many years now we have been offering and conducting very qualitative and safe Air Transportation services of any type of cargo, to and from airport in any destination required from the client.
Having build a powerful network with very successful partners we are able to deliver to our clients the fastest and the safest Air Transportation in and outside the region..